Our Team

Manager:  Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson has experience in marketing, retail, and in the service industry.  She is available to answer any question, and to make sure that every visit to the S’waffle Shack is a good one!



Co-Manager:  Xander Anderson

Xander Anderson is an exceptionally talented and upbeat individual with deep experience in retail sales, and construction.  Xander cares deeply about our customers and is committed to bringing his smile, spirit, and great food to everyone who visits.


Business Director:  Hiram Bertoch

Hiram Bertoch has been an entrepreneur for more than two decades.  He has been involved with multiple businesses and ventures.  Including The KidsKnowIt Network, which had millions of customers all over the world, and which he founded.  Hiram has extensive marketing experience, programming experience, video and graphic design experience, and business experience.  Hiram works regular shifts at the S’waffle Shack, but mostly works behind the scenes taking care of ordering, finances, taxes, regulation compliance, and so forth.  In addition to working at The S’waffle Shack, Hiram Bertoch also teaches full-time at West Side Middle School.


Quality Director:  Anna Bertoch

Anna Bertoch has worked along side Hiram Bertoch on all of their entrepreneur activities.  She is a superhero who has done it all.  Created successful businesses, raised seven children, earned two degrees, etc, etc, etc… Anna is also a full-time nurse.  She works regular shifts at The S’waffle Shack, but like Hiram mostly works behind the scene.  She regularly audits order times, cleanliness, and food freshness.  Doing surprise inspections weekly to make sure that our food meets the highest standards.