West Side Pride

We love everyone, but we really love the West Side!  Our family discovered this amazing neighborhood by sheer luck.  When we decided to move to Wild And Wonderful West Virginia we didn’t know the community very well at all.  We lived her briefly 20 years earlier, but we were young then and didn’t really get super involved in the local scene.  We found our home on Edgewood Drive, and Hiram found a job at West Side Middle School (then Stonewall) as a teacher.  We were immediately struck by the kindness, community spirit, and down to Earth family values of the West Side.

Sure, our community has its own set of unique challenges, but so does every community!  We LOVE the people of this neighborhood, and are absolutely honored and committed to being a part of its future.

We feel immensely blessed to be lucky enough to both live and work here amongst such a wonderful people.  We love everyone in West Virginia!  The values the State espouses are why we moved here.  Family, community, nature.  No other place on Earth offers so much as this State.  But… we have a special place in our hearts for The West Side.